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Administrative Staff


   Administrative Staff  


Job Description

Ms. Feng

Administrative Assistant



 1. Assist with administrative affairs
 2. Promotion of teaching and research affairs
 3. Department official document writing and data compilation
 4. Teaching Excellence Execution
 5. Execution of the meeting
 6. Department website update and maintenance
 7. Execution of forums and lectures
 8. Execution of other departmental activities
 9. Promotion of academic affairs

Ms. Haung

Technical Assistant



 1. Assist in the teaching of experimental classes
 2. Asset acceptance inventory and documentation
 3. Equipment troubleshooting application for maintenance
 4. The person in charge of environmental safety and health
 5. Pre-requisition review and compilation
 6. Execution work related to licenses
 7. Execution of forums and lectures
Service Center


 1. Assist in tidying up
 2. Experimental equipment management
 3. Assist with administrative affairs
 4. Other related affairs