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NAME Title Research Field Contact Number E-Mail
Meng-Dung Weng Associate Professor
Wireless Network,
Object-Oriented Programming
Chia-Pin Wu
Associate Professor
Motion Control, +886-2-7738-8000#2127 cpwu@ee.aeust.edu.tw
Control System
Jeang-Lin Chang
Robust control,
+886-2-7738-8000#2123 fe035@mail.aeust.edu.tw
Variable structure control:
theory and applications, Nonlinear Control
Tsung-Po Chen Professor PC based & FPGA based control system, +886-2-7738-8000#2125 tpchen@mail.aeust.edu.tw
Wind power generation system control,
Three-phase PWM strategies
Pao-Chuan Chen
Associate Professor
VLSI Testing, Creative Thinking +886-2-7738-8000#2113 pcc@ee.aeust.edu.tw
Yii-Shen Tseng Associate Professor Power system +886-2-7738-8000#2117 ethan@ee.aeust.edu.tw
Kwang-Chang Lu Associate Professor Power system +886-2-7738-8000#2115 kclu@ee.aeust.edu.tw
Hsin-Hsiung Wang Associate Professor
Nonlinear Control, Optimal Control, 
+886-2-7738-8000#2114 swang@mail.aeust.edu.tw
Engineering Optimization, Robot Control
Juinne-Ching Liao Associate Professor
Motor control; Power Electronics;
+886-2-7738-8000#2122 ljc@ee.aeust.edu.tw
Renewable Energy
Shih-Farn Shie Associate Professor
Communication Network,
+886-2-7738-8000#2116 shie@ee.aeust.edu.tw
AIOT, computer server
Hung-Hsi Kuo Associate Professor
Power Electronics,Green Energy,
+886-2-7738-8000#2124 hungshi@mail.aeust.edu.tw
Electric Machine Control
Yau- Sheng Chang Associate Professor
Optomechanical system design,
+886-2-7738-8000#2121 changys@ee.aeust.edu.tw
Photoelectric engineering integration practice,
Photoelectric nanometer system measurement
Tsui-Chou Wu Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering,
+886-2-7738-8000#2129 hpj@ee.aeust.edu.tw
Digital Image Processing
Pin-Yuan Chin Assistant Professor FPGA Logic Design +886-2-7738-8000#2112 chin@ee.aeust.edu.tw
Yu-Feng Chu Assistant Professor
PCB Layout,Microprocessor application
+886-2-7738-8000#2128 fe022@mail.aeust.edu.tw
Hui-Ling Wang Assistant Professor
skills certification of power electronics,
+886-2-7738-8000#2130 whl@ee.aeust.edu.tw
and industry electronics,
electronics circuit application
Wen-Chang Sheu Instructor
Automatic measurement system, 
+886-2-7738-8000#2126 wen@ee.aeust.edu.tw
Robot development,
Microprocessor application